Layering is a fundamental part of the outdoors. If you are not properly layered, frostbite or worse can occur. You can be frozen if you’re not properly layered, and yet your companion can be warm and comfortable because he knows how to layer.

The basic layering system consists of:

  1. A base layer
  2. A mid-layer
  3. An insulating layer
  4. An outer layer

A base layer goes next to your skin and can be of a variety of materials. Cotton, polyester, polypropylene and other materials, synthetic or natural, are used as base layers. Their purpose is to propel moisture away from your body and keep you dry.

A mid-layer warms you and functions as another layer for added warmth.

An insulating layer keeps you warm and it allows you to stay warm in cold conditions. Wool and polyester are good insulating layers.

An outer layer is a shell that protects you from the elements such as

  • wind
  • water
  • thorn-bushes
  • etc.

Layering is fundamental if you wish to conquer the elements. To stay at a perfect temperature, comfort and happiness, one needs to know at least the basics of layering.


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