Month: October 2014

Scotland’s Fight for Freedom: William Wallace and Robert The Bruce

The story of the Scottish fight for freedom is long and valiant. Heroes fought and died for their country. But they pushed through and earned the prize of freedom. Continue reading


The Catholic Church and The Ninety Five Theses

The Church on the eve of reform and the ninety-five theses were the precursors to the famous, boring  Protestant Reformation. They helped foster it and make it grow.

The Church on the eve of the Reformation was a sort of mix-up. Good and bad lived together hand in hand. The bad side was really bad. Continue reading

Henry VIII and The English Reformation

Henry VIII, the second king of the Tudor dynasty, was a staunch Catholic. He unwittingly admitted Protestantism into his country because of a divorce. Thus, through him and his successors, Protestantism took a firm grip on England. Continue reading