Pre-writing An Essay or Story

When anyone writes a story or an essay or any kind of paper, they must first, if they plan it to be well written, do a process called prewriting. This includes the following steps:

1. Brainstorm: where you jot down ideas that come into your head about whatever you’re writing. They can be good or bad, you don’t analyze them until you’re done. Include even the minutest detail.

2. Brainstorm Selection: you select what you want to use in your paper out of the brainstorm and delete the rest.

3. Classification: you classify what you’re going to use under different headings.

4. Prioritize: you put the classification in the order you want to write them in.

These steps are what’s called Prewriting. After you have done the prewriting you write what’s called the First Draft. You write this strictly following your prewriting.

After you have written your first draft you review it for grammar, such as sentences that don’t make sense, or lengthy sentences, etc. Then you review it a second time for misspelled words, commas, capital letters, periods, etc.

Also remember that you should add some sort of personalization in your paper. This makes it more interesting and enjoyable to read.


Once you have done these steps and you are fully satisfied with your work, this is your final copy. You can post it on a blog, show it to family or print it in your local newspaper. This should lead to great writing!



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