Clovis I


Clovis was the third king in the Merovingian dynasty. His grandfather, Merovius, had founded the dynasty. Clovis’ people, then called the Franks, were lucky to have such a wise and gifted ruler at their head.

Clovis, also known as Louis, was born in 466 AD. He was married shortly after becoming king to a princess from Burgundy named Clotilde. Burgundy was a province in Gaul (nowadays France). She was Christian, and she eventually persuaded Clovis to become a Christian. Together they had three children—Chlothar, Chlodomer and Childebert.

Clovis ascended the throne at the early age of fifteen. Although still young, he had extraordinary military and ruling skills.

Shortly after he attained the throne, Clovis drove the Romans out of Gaul. The Romans thought he would not have any stratagem or skill whatsoever, and so they were careless and easily defeated.

Clovis established the Frankish empire by uniting all the regions that made up Gaul and combined them under one government. He was the first king to do this. He made this empire great.

Clovis wrote the Salic laws, a code that the whole kingdom would obey. These were just and somewhat lenient, and established a sort of moral code for everyone.

Clovis died in 511 AD, leaving his kingdom to be divided by his three sons. The province of Burgundy was added to the kingdom after Clovis’ death.

This king, in my eyes, was great!

Clovis I, king of the Franks

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