White Fang

The author of this book, Jack London, portrays the story through the eyes of the main character—a wolf named White Fang. He describes the hardships and the winters that he has to go through, and his eventual happiness on a farm in California.

White Fang was born a wild wolf, but was found by an Indian named Gray Beaver while he was still a puppy. Gray Beaver raised him, but not with kindness. He raised him by beatings when he did something wrong and never petted him or showed any affection. Thus White Fang grew up—a solitary, mean, unsocial wolf that always picked fights with the other dogs.

A man named Beauty Smith wanted to buy White Fang. Beauty Smith was cruel and somewhat like White Fang. He played a trick on Gray Beaver, and Gray Beaver sold White Fang. Beauty Smith advertised White Fang as ‘the Fighting Wolf.’ He pitted White Fang against other wolves, dogs and even a bobcat. White Fang almost died in one of these fights.

Weedon Scott, a man from California who came up North to mine, heard of White Fang and rescued him. He healed him and took him to California, where White Fang lived out his days, happy at last.

In my opinion, this story has a little too much detail in it and a little too much emphasis on animal abuse. It is good that it has a happy ending; otherwise I would not rate it as a good book.

It is a little boring at times and definitely not my favorite book, but not too bad overall.



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