Three Types of Literature

There is a vast field of types of literature, almost too many to count. I wish to inform you about three of them in this paper.

The first is Novel. A novel is a rather long story, a typical book of 200 to 300 pages long. It can have some actual events in it, or people.

A novel can be all types of genres. It can be historical fiction or science fiction, etc. Some novels are complete fiction; others have a basis of some historical event.

A novel typically features different story lines, such as focusing on two people in different places. Different conflicts spread over the story are also common.

A Short Story features one conflict, one story line and one plot. They are typically simple and small stories like children’s books.

A Novella has fewer conflicts than a novel, but more than a short story. It is classified by length more than by how it is written.

These are only a few examples of the vast knowledge of literature types. Some are more common and some little known, but all have different, unique ways of expressing material.



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